Vivarium (2006)

Confidential Client

 This multi-species Animal Resource Centre (ARC) is located over two stacked floors within a larger research facility.  The ARC is organized into two principal sectors – an animal holding on the lower level and a imaging and surgery facility above.

The facility includes holding areas for non-human primates and pigs. It includes four animal holding suites, two acting as a modified barrier facilities for rodents only and two for multi-species. The barrier suites house two holding rooms, each accommodating eleven ventilated racks, and two procedure rooms. Each suite has a 3,080 mice cage capacity based on 140-cage ventilated racks. The surgical suite is comprised of two microsurgery rooms, a pre/post-op room, and surgeon scrub area/ instrument preparation room.

One of the two multi-species suites is located close to the modified barrier area. This suite includes one animal holding room and one procedure room.  The holding room accommodates six ventilated racks for rodents with a capacity of 840 mice cages. The second multi-species suite is segregated from the balance of the holding areas. This suite has two holding rooms and two procedure rooms linked by an anteroom. Each holding room accommodates six ventilated racks for rodents with a capacity of 1,680 mice cages.

The support area houses all administrative and general support functions. These include primary change/locker rooms, offices and technician areas, storage rooms for equipment, feed, and bedding, and cage/rack wash, preparation and sterilization areas.  The support area also houses a clean quarantine room for incoming animals, and waste and carcass holding rooms. The cage/rack wash areas will be equipped with a cage/rack washer, tunnel washer, bulk sterilizer and a medium capacity sterilization/decontamination autoclave.

A dedicated service elevator located adjacent to the bedding feed storage links the ARC with the imaging suite and surgery suite on the floor above.

Completed 2006
Gross Area 30,000 sq.ft.
Construction Confidential