Hood Road Addition

Novopharm Ltd.

The Hood Road project for Novopharm Ltd. involved the retrofit of an aging facility for the high volume production of a new solid dosage product. Manufacturing operations had to remain on-going while construction took place. The solution was to construct a 30,000 sf mechanical penthouse above the existing building. A 12ft high structural truss was constructed on the existing roof. The existing roof-mounted equipment were kept in operation while the new mechanical penthouse was constructed above. Once it was constructed, the equipment was switched over to the mechanical penthouse, and put back into operation.  Air intake for the penthouse was handled through specially designed louvres in the deep-profile siding. An insulated plenum was installed around the perimeter of the penthouse so that any future installations could be connected to the plenum and meet air requirements through the pre-existing special louvres. Typical louvres were placed on the front exterior as an architectural feature and also to service the main air handling units. The 4ft interstitial space between the penthouse and the building allowed access for maintenance without entering the GMP area.

NXL; Crossey Engineering; Yolles Partnership

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Completed 1995
Gross Area 65,000 sf
Construction $10M