Research & Development Lab and Pilot Plant

Alphora Research Inc.

NXL provided lead architect services for the fit-out of Alphora’s new facility at Portland Drive. NXL began by working with Alphora to select an appropriate site for their work in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. NXL then went onto to provide programming, design, contract administration, and project management (phase 1) services for the project.

The project was divided into several phases. The original fit-out included areas for a Kilo Laboratory, manufacturing and reactors, solvent storage areas, shipping and receiving, administration, and spaces for future fit-out. Phase 1 included the fit-out of an additional Kilo Laboratory with a walk-in fumehood, Laboratories with multiple desktop fumehoods, sampling rooms, and related offices.

The facility required complex safety systems such as extensive explosion-relief panels in the reactor rooms, as well as an automatic spill barrier at the entrance to the solvent storage area, and secondary spill containment within the facility.

NXL Architects, Tou & Associates, McDonnell Engineering, Jakman Engineering, Laporte Experts Conseils

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Completed 2008
Gross Area 15,500 sf (Phases 1 - 3 consolidated)
Construction $3.1M (Phases 1-3 consolidated)
Location Mississauga, Ontario