We achieve innovative design solutions by listening, understanding, collaborating and most importantly, by leading

Leadership is about more than being just being at the top of an organizational chart.  It’s about communication, inspiring and supporting everyone on the team. At NXL, we believe creating a shared purpose and vision – and inspiring everyone toward it is the most important part of leadership.

Our approach to leadership is based on years of experience, and an understanding of the importance of both leading and supporting the team to achieve consensus. We involve people from the various groups in decision-making in ways that generate enthusiasm, ownership and personal commitment to their implementation. For us, leading through the process of design is an inclusive process where collaboration ensures we deliver for a building that works.

The design of technically challenging process buildings is our core business. It is detailed work that requires a thorough understanding of programme, flexible design approaches, and the balanced integration of architecture and engineering. The design of these buildings is complicated and detailed and requires leadership. By creating the environment for open communication, we enable the owner to make decisions in order to advance the design. And by including the engineering consultants every step of the way, we optimize the project design.

We do more than build and manage broad participation in the decision process; we create alignment across the organization and ensure the best decisions are made for the success of your project.