Innovative Thinking

Innovation is a necessity, not a luxury

Innovation is an essential ingredient in all of our projects – it comes from taking the time to gain a thorough understanding of the process and our clients’ needs

Do the same old thing and you’ll get the same old solution. That’s why rather than simply replicate a client’s process we examine it from first principles. We ask a lot of questions and listen very carefully to users, facility maintenance and operations. By understanding the essence of the process through the eyes of all stakeholders, we make a workspace safer, simpler, or more efficient.

Our goal is to design workspace that enhances performance and workflow and yet inspires workers.  We are excited about finding ways to challenge and illuminate our thinking. It’s why our experience and our inspiration are equally important in the process of creating buildings that truly work.

The multiple parts of a building must work seamlessly together. When they do they pay for themselves in efficiency, safety and productivity.  Based on these concepts, we have created innovative solutions for keeping facilities operating continuously under Good Manufacturing Practice while undertaking comprehensive phased renovations. We have executed strategies for masterplan facility development that includes selective demolition and phased renovation. And we have developed imaginative renovation or adaptive reuse solutions within the constraints of existing structures.

From our perspective, when we deliver innovation – not for the sake of innovation, but as part of our design – your buildings work better, now and in the future.