We take an integrated design approach to create buildings that work

By designing from the inside out we help our clients get the most out of their buildings

There is a process to designing buildings – and architecture is a result of that process. Over the years we have carefully established that process. We design from the inside, around your unique workflow, people and the equipment they operate. It ensures we deliver a customized solution that supports optimized flows, operations and maintenance, and is adaptable to work for you today and meet your future needs.

At NXL, we believe that integrated design requires considering both the equipment and the people that operate it. You can’t optimize one without the other. We work in close partnership with our clients to ensure we understand both the big picture and the details. We design from the inside out, beginning with the most critical aspect of your facility – process flow. No matter your process, the work depends on an efficient, safe and predictable flow of materials and people throughout the building. And in a controlled environment, dirty flow crossovers, contaminations, and security breach prevention are the determinants of design and which also forms the basis of the architectural layout.

We understand that clients often want to incorporate new technologies or design aesthetics into their facilities to meet changing times; however, central to the success of our design approach is that the arrangement of the parts, the flow of the spaces, the logic of the building, would still remain unchanged.

We believe our buildings must be more than beautiful on the outside, they must also work beautifully inside for us to judge them a success. We design from the perspective that a building should enable people to work efficiently – and be inspired by their surroundings.

We do more than create great working space; we create an environment for your long-term success.