The clearer the communication the better the collaboration

We listen and engage you in the decision-making process to achieve the most successful outcome

We are designing your building. And we believe you are critical to the process. It’s why we establish a two-way street of communication between architect and client – creating a feedback loop that ensures you are integral to the decision-making process. We need your involvement in the process. We need to have a shared purpose, vision and buy-in and alignment to the design.

We establish a clear hierarchical communication structure between our team and yours. We track issues to their resolution. And we utilize a proven process to address project scope, budget and schedule.

That’s why we have a set of Quality Assurance principles that guide us. We constantly refer to these principals throughout the project to ensure we have the right balance between scope, schedule and budget.

Project Definition – We establish a clear, shared definition of project objectives, including the identification of the scope of work and the deliverables to be produced.

Project Vision – We develop a clear understanding of key planning considerations, project objectives, context and motivating factors to define and build a shared vision of the Project and obtain project team alignment.

Project Driver – We believe that a project “driver” can and should be identified to focus the direction of the project team and guide decision-making, and become the single priority issue for the project.