Collaboration is at the heart of design innovation

Working cooperatively and collaboratively is how we ensure your building works

Projects are long term efforts. And successful project require collaboration amongst many players. At NXL, we believe that the most successful projects are an integrated and collaborative effort of architect, client, consultants, and contractor. Creating a exceptional process building is only possible when that group works together to realize the same goal – a highly functional space which can also delight and inspire.

Integrated design is all about teamwork. For process buildings, engineering consultants have an especially critical role in the earliest stages of the design process – their ideas can influence architecture and literally help shape the building. As there is often so much valuable equipment, utilities, and systems and controls to coordinate, we must carefully fit and integrate the resulting engineering systems into our design. Similarly, including contractors in the design process does more than ensure buy-in, it gives our design team insight into what is practical and affordable. New project teaming arrangements like P3, Integrated Team Arrangements, and Construction Management formalize our ideal team structure.  Canada has some of the best contractors in the world. We value their experience, and integrate their ideas into the design solution.

We have an excellent track record for delivering buildings that work because we value true integrated design – we collaborate with our clients, we work with teams who want to work with us, and believe teamwork through design and construction is the thing that makes a building exceptional.