NXL Architects

NXL is one of Canada’s leading architectural firms for the design of complex process buildings for the sciences, technology and manufacturing. With more than thirty years of programming and design experience, we have completed more than four million square feet of teaching, research, vivaria, scale up, pilot plant and manufacturing facilities incorporating all types of specialty laboratories, clean rooms, and GMP production environments.

Serving clients in both the academic and clean industry sectors, NXL designs from the inside out. We understand that unique processes require designs developed to control critical flows of people and materials. Recognizing that some spaces need to be connected to support teaching and collaboration, while other spaces need to be segregated and even isolated to prevent cross contamination is  one of the things that makes NXL unique in the design community.

We pursue the seamless integration of architectural and engineering considerations in developing solutions that are efficient, safe, and timeless.  In so doing, we create working environments that help our academic clients recruit and retain the best and brightest minds, and our clean industry clients produce the highest quality and safest products.

Our portfolio includes all types of teaching, research and quality control laboratories and vivaria, at containment levels (CL) 1, 2 and 3, as well as all types of controlled environment clean manufacturing facilities for pharmaceutical and biological products.

NXL Architects’ Regulatory Name / Certificate of Practice is held by Jay Levine Architect Inc.